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Why YouTube Shouldn’t Be Banned at Schools

November 22, 2019

You can understand why some schools ban YouTube. There’s enough content of vulgar and inappropriate nature on the platform to get educators quite considered. And even though there are filters available that can prevent children from clicking on potentially harmful content, some teachers feel far more comfortable not having to rely on them.

But schools that ban YouTube are missing out.

YouTube is one of the most exciting educationally transformational inventions I have ever seen.

YouTube has allowed me to restart my pilot light, showed me how to tie a Windsor knot, helped me create a fully functioning web site from scratch and taught me how to publicise my book.

I feel that we can, and should show our students how YouTube can help develop their skill sets and educate them in areas of difficulty.

As for the dangers. It’s called strict supervision, effective filters and an expectation of trust from your students.

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