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Is Tiger Mom a Racist?

February 4, 2014




Whether Amy Chua dubbed the “Tiger Mom” is a racist is not the point. Rather we should be talking about how skewed her thinking is.

Ms. Chua continues to measure success by academic scores, college degrees and careers. This is a very dangerous opinion because it says to all those with only decent grades and moderate salaries that they are not successful. Perhaps even that they are failures.

This is of course rubbish!

We should not be defined by our test scores or our take home pay but on what caliber person we are. Are we happy, generous and selfless? Do we possess integrity and do we try our best? Do we make time for family and friends?

Instead of listing cultures and religions that she thinks achieves what is an unrealistic and superficial version of success, she should be trying to pitch a positive message to her readers. Not everyone can be a Mormon or an Asian or Nigerian. But everyone can contribute to the world in a profoundly positive way. Forget trying to emulate cultures and religions, and instead, try to be your best self!

If we follow the Tiger Mom’s model for success we start to label. We look down at cashiers, house painters, taxi drivers and hairdressers.  We start putting more pressure on our kids to get into prominent colleges rather than concentrating on influencing them to be kind and give charity. In short, we become snobs!

Is Tiger Mom a racist? Personally, I don’t care.

One thing I do suspect though – I suspect she isn’t the success she thinks she is.


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