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Abusing the Privillege of Teaching Children

September 7, 2014

survivalI continue to me amazed at some of the awful teaching methods exposed in the media.

It is absolutely vital that we teachers understand that we are teachers, not parents, not moral guardians of the world and definitely not survivalists:

A sadistic Brooklyn day-care teacher locked terrified toddlers alone in a tiny, dark storage closet — and laughingly claimed it was a lesson in “how to survive,” according to the facility’s owner.

In shocking security-video footage at Pinocchio Children’s Palace in East Flatbush, teacher Shandra Fallen, 25, and her assistant, Amellia Samuda, 34, are captured ushering 2-year-olds into the classroom closet.

Day-care owner Tatiana Ilyaich said she discovered the solitary confinement in June, when she heard crying coming from Fallen’s classroom across the hall from her office.

She found the teachers in the room and most of their young charges taking naps on their cots — and sobs coming from the supply closet.

She opened the door and saw a scared young boy inside.

The teachers “started laughing,” Ilyaich recalled.

“It’s kind of a game we’re playing with the kids,” Fallen said, according to Ilyaich.

The owner said she immediately scoured security-camera footage for signs of similar incidents. Images taken on May 14 chilled her.

In the footage — viewed by The Post — Fallen can be seen putting one small child into the closet, which is packed with supply-stuffed shelving, and leaving him there alone for three minutes before releasing him.


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