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Cash-Strapped School Auctions Itself on eBay

July 3, 2012

Interesting idea. Hope it works:

A CASH-strapped US high school hopes to raise money from a wealthy benefactor by auctioning itself on eBay.

Officials at The Learning Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, are seeking bids starting around $US600,000 ($548,000) to offset steep budget cuts.

The eBay listing describes the public alternative school for at-risk teens as “pre-owned” and “slightly used.”

The winner won’t own the school, which is located near Philadelphia. But he or she will get a naming opportunity, a free large pizza and the satisfaction of “delivering an education to a group of kids who could really use it”.

If a bidder is found it will be the first time someone buys a school in return for a free pizza.

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