No Wonder Children Are Not Buying Into Religion


I am not Christian but I respect the great work Christianity has done in charity and support for the sick, aged and homeless. That is why I am bewildered that a religion with acts of kindness as its best selling point would undermine its essence with an ad campaign as atrocious as this one:

The poster for the fictional ‘Godbaby’ doll imitates a conventional toy advert and features the slogan: ‘He cries. He wees. He saves the world.’

The image is to be emblazoned on bus stops, advertising hoardings and in newspapers in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Another poster of the Godbaby carries the slogan: ‘The Gift that Loves You Back.’ They come with the words ‘not available in shops’ printed at the bottom.

Alongside the £100,000 poster campaign, radio adverts will tell the Nativity story in the style of a celebrity chef. The idea is, apparently, to make the birth of Christ seem more ‘modern’.

Church leaders admit the controversial campaign by Christian media group, previously known as the Churches Advertising Network, will not be to everyone’s taste, but hope it will make the Christmas story appeal to the younger generation.

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2 Responses to “No Wonder Children Are Not Buying Into Religion”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    The word “tacky” comes to mind.

  2. John Tapscott Says:

    There is a strategy used by religious people to sell their message. It’s called “bait and switch”. It is not peculiar to religious people, politicians use it all the time. “We will never, ever have a GST…..” “No government I lead will introduce a Carbon Tax……”

    “The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only (Son), who came from the Father full of truth and grace.”

    This is a statement made in the Bible in John’s Gospel. What do you do with that? It is quite simple. You either reject it out of hand as a fairy tale or you consider that here is an eternal truth that needs further exploration.

    People who use dolls and gimmicks to make such a message palatable to an unbelieving world are just like so many hucksters and used car salesmen. If the message has value it has no need of such tacky promotion because it’s truth will manifest itself to the honest inquirer. Just read the Book and decide for yourself.

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