If Their Parents Aren’t Reading Why Should They?


It’s all well and good to advocate healthy reading habits for our children and students, but when they don’t have parents who read regularly, you can understand why it’s an uphill battle.

If you want your kids to read, how about taking up reading yourselves? Or better yet, regularly read with your children.

My new novel, My Favourite Comedian, is designed to be enjoyed out loud. I want parents and children to read the book to each other. It generates bonding time and fosters a love of literature.

We need to get parents reading again because the statistics paint a gloomy picture:

But according to Pew Research Center, roughly a quarter of American adults don’t read books at all. In fact in 2018, the research group released figures suggesting that 24 percent of American adults say they have not read a book — in part or whole, in print or electronically or audibly — in the past year.

I plan to release the ebook version of my book free of charge for the first month or so to provide teachers and parents with a free resource in which to promote reading in the home and classroom.


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