The Excuses for Sex With Students Make Me Sick




There is no excuse for having sex with a student. It is illegal, a breach of trust and a complete blight on our wonderful profession.

I don’t care who propositioned who or if it was consensual – there is not acceptable for a teacher to bed a student.

That’s why excuses like this one make me so angry:


The lawyer for a New Jersey high school English teacher accused of having sex with one student and propositioning others said Wednesday her crimes were ‘victimless’ and that the students would agree.

What’s more, 32-year-old mother of two Nicole McDonough from Mt. Olive faces special hardships, like being a single mom with a heroin-addicted ex, that would make a mandatory five-year sentence unduly harsh, her attorney Timothy Smith argued. 

And then there’s irresponsible comedy sketches like this one that makes matters even worse.

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