The Horrible Case of Abuse that a School Laughed Off as a “Joke”

santa hat

How is this a joke? If proven the teacher should be investigated criminally and those that defended it should be forced to resign:

A teacher ordered two seven-year-old boys to strip to their underwear at a Danish school before threatening to cut off their penises with a pair of scissors.

The pupils were made to take their clothes off after forgetting to bring Santa hats to a Christmas party at Strandmølle School in Assens, western Funen.

It has been reported that the youngsters were also told to climb into bin bags in front of the whole school.

The school admitted that the action was inappropriate adding that even though it had not been funny, it had only been meant as a joke.

But the parents were not satisfied with the response and complained to a child protection group, which urged them to report it to the police.

The school’s deputy chairman of the board, Thomas Hald, said: ‘It is correct that it happened and that this type of humour is something that we on the board naturally do not condone.’ 

He said the fact that the teacher apologised was enough and regarded the matter as closed. 

Would Mr. Hald find it as funny if his child was involved? Would he settle for an apology?

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