Should we Continue to Give Out Teacher of the Year Awards?

lori lassmann

This story isn’t just about a teacher supposedly falling from grace but yet another example of an award that isn’t as useful as it may seem:


A former Teacher of the Year in Jackson County is facing discipline after being drunk and passed out at school.

Lori Lassmann and the staff of Florida’s Education Practices Commission have worked out a settlement in which Lassmann does not admit any wrongdoing, but she also is not contesting the allegations made against her.

If the EPC accepts the settlement at its meeting next week, Lassmann’s teaching certificate would be suspended for two years, and she would be on probation for two years.

She must also undergo substance abuse counseling and testing.

On October 29, 2013, Lassman was apparently intoxicated in front of her first grade students at Golson Elementary.

When she failed to pick up her students at their physical education class, other teachers went to check on her.

They allegedly found her passed out in a chair, and it took vigorous shaking to wake her up.

Lassmann refused to take a sobriety test, and left the school. She resigned three days later.


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