I Would Like to Write “Fired” on This Teacher’s Forehead


If the allegation in this story is true the actions of the teacher in question should be dealt with swiftly. Teachers who do this type of thing do not deserve a second chance:


A lot of teachers may think this about their pupils but they should never say (or write) it.

An educator in Tennessee, USA, is in trouble after reportedly writing ‘stupid’ on a student’s forehead because he didn’t like a question he was asked, according to WSMV-TV.

The math teacher even took the trouble to scribe it backwards so it would appear correctly when the pupil looked in the mirror.

‘We’re here to help the children and not to hurt them,’ said Overton County Schools director Matt Eldridge.

He added: ‘One word can break a child. I mean, I’ve got three children. I wouldn’t want it done to mine.’

Ironically the educator could now be considered stupid after receiving an indefinite suspension from Allons Elementary.

Eldridge added: ‘The teacher said, “I was trying to joke with him,” and of course, I said, “that’s not the way you joke with anyone”.’


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