Hugging Students Should be a Crime Not an Excuse



If I was a lawmaker or judge I would look to enforce 2 laws regarding teachers who act inappropriately with their students. Firstly, I would have a minimum jail term for a teacher found to have sexual relations with their primary/high school students. A teacher would be imprisoned even if the relationship was consensual and the child was  of legal consenting age. And secondly, I would create explicit guidelines for how teachers should act towards their students. In these guidelines I would ban hugging and kissing and provide protocols for teachers to ensure that when they are alone in the classroom with a student the door is left open. Some may find these rules too tough and unfair, but I am sick of hearing about cases of teachers molesting their students. It makes me sick.

And to use the unacceptable act of hugging as a justification or excuse has to be stamped out for good:

He’s a hugger.

A former teacher at a Brooklyn elementary school who’s charged with fondling nine girls as young as 8 told cops he “gives and receives hugs from his students,” court records revealed Monday.

Omil Carrasquillo, 36, pleaded not guilty to a 22-count felony indictment that upped the number of alleged victims, which stood at five when he was arrested in September.

“This is a disturbing case in which a teacher allegedly groped young girls,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson. “This defendant is an alleged predator who surrounded himself with vulnerable victims. What should have been a safe haven instead became a parent’s worst nightmare.”

A science teacher at Public School 249 in Kensington, Carrasquillo is accused of inappropriately touching the girls, ages 8 to 11, on numerous occasions between November 2012 and September 2014.

“He will give the girls and boys a hug if they have done something good or they will come and hug him,” a detective wrote in a police report following the Sept. 24 arrest. “Mr. Carrasquillo states that it is possible that when he touches the children it may have been misunderstood how he touches them.”

The former teacher also said he sometimes stood behind the kids when explaining class work and “will put my arms on their backs or on their shoulders.” He added that he broke up a fight that week and “probably touched” a girl in the process of restraining her, the report said.

A judge raised his bail in light of the new allegations to $200,000 from $50,000. The defendant later made bail and was released.


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