Teacher Who Offers to Handshake a Parent Investigated for Sexual Assault



Why is this being investigated?

Doesn’t the authorities understand how potentially damaging it is for a teacher to be investigated for a sexual offense? Not to mention the stress involved.

This should have been thrown out straight away, with the complainer told off for being out of line.


German police are investigating a female teacher after a Muslim Imam refused to shake her hand – and then filed a complaint against her for harassment and discrimination.

Imam Kerim Ucar had been called in to see the female teacher at a school in Berlin over complaints about his son’s behaviour. 

But when the teacher welcomed him into her office and offered him her hand, he reportedly refused to shake it. 

Upset at the rejection, the teacher reportedly attempted to explain why it was important and when he repeatedly refused to shake hands, she decided to end the meeting.

But although the teacher made no formal complaint, the Imam went to police and filed a criminal complaint against the teacher at the Platanus School in Berlin, citing religious discrimination and xenophobic behaviour.

The Imam, a member of the conservative Shiite sect, said that the criminal complaint was justified because he had made it clear at the start of the conversation that he had no interest in shaking the hands of a woman as it was against his religion.

He said he had generously offered to place his hands on his chest as a sign of greeting, and was offended when she told him this was not enough.

He added: ‘I was certainly very calm about the whole thing, after all, I waited for a whole week for her to apologise. It was only when that did not happen that I instructed my lawyer to file a criminal complaint.’

His wife Dilek Ucar has meanwhile removed the children from the school. She told German broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg: ‘I no longer have any confidence that they will teach the children in a correct way.’

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