Protect Our Teachers



Schools are some of the most common places for disaffected teens to become violent.

Our High School teachers are increasingly likely to be the victims of such outbursts.

What is being done about it?

The damage incurred when a teacher gets harmed by a violent student is overwhelming. It sends the message that teaching is a dangerous profession and that teachers are sitting ducks.

Our judges must consider this when deciding upon penalties. Because if they don’t make an example of offenders, they become complicit in the eventual outcome – great teachers will forgo the profession to choose something safer and less stressful.

Cases like the one below should encourage the public to pressure the courts to act. Immediately!


A teacher who was stabbed in the classroom by a 14-year-old pupil has recalled the horrific moment he was wounded with the six inch knife.

Vincent Uzomah, 51, from Leeds, was working as a supply teacher at Dixons Kings Academy, in Bradford, when the shocking attack took place in June 2015. 

Speaking to Leah Green on a new 5Star documentary airing this week, Vincent said he has been unable to return to work since the terrifying incident and is still struggling to understand why he was targeted. 

This case was particularly heinous due to the reaction of the student bystanders. I wrote about it here.

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