This is What Happens When a Teacher Hits His Student (Photos)



I hate corporal punishment.

I hate that it’s legal in some states in the US. And I hate that terrible teachers use it as a crutch to establish control of their class.

These pictures are hard to watch, but important for establishing the inhumanity and barbarity that corporal punishment can cause:


A primary school pupil in China has been brutally punished by his teacher for giving the wrong answer to a maths question.

Pictures have emerged on social media showing the 11-year-old, named Xiao Yong, left with dozens of bloody marks on his back and legs.

The maths teacher, surnamed Yue, has been suspended by the Xianglu Village Central Primary School in the city of Shiyan, central China’s Hubei Province, according to a Weibo post by People’s Daily Online.

According to reports, Xiao Yong, a grade-five student, was whipped by Yue, his maths teacher, with a power cable in the afternoon of June 17.

Yue had asked Xiao Yong to go up to the classroom and answer a question written on the blackboard.

Xiao Yong was chosen because he had received the worst score in his class – 81 out of 100 points – in a previous examination.

However, Xiao Yong failed to answer the question, which enraged Yue, who is in his 50s. 

Yue found a power cable in the classroom and savagely beated Xiao Yong.

It’s reported that the metal core of the cable had been previously removed when Yue used it to smack Xiao Yong, but the pupil still screamed as he was punished in front of the whole class, the report said.

After Xiao Yong returned home after school, he did not dare to speak about the beating to his grandparents, with whom he lives. 

However, one of his cousins discovered the scars after hearing the child complaining about aches on his body. 


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