What Should Happen to a Teacher Caught Having Sex With a Student

Changzhou University

The article below refers to the teacher possibly losing his job for his terrible act. What I want to know, is whether or not he will face prison time for what he did.

If it was up to me, he certainly would.


A shocking video of a teacher having sex with a female student on a classroom desk has gone viral on social media.

The video was apparently filmed by an unidentified person on a mobile phone.

The X-rated video clip shows a male professor having sex with a naked girl who appears to be lying on her back on the desk.

The incident took place at Changzhou University in China’s Jiangsu province.

In the footage, the girl can be seen resting her legs on the man’s shoulder.

According to Live Leak, the professor is currently under investigation for violating the code of conduct.

The footage first appeared on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo and later spread to other platforms as well.



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