How to Begin a Successful Lesson


They say the reason why students should walk into the classroom in a line is it sets the tone for the lesson. If the class filtered in slowly and in a disorganised fashion, it is likely your lesson will be negatively effected.

The same has to be said of teachers.

The way we enter the classroom is critical to setting the tone of the lesson. If we walk in with presence and energy, we are sending the message that we are eager to share something of value. When we come in looking tired and defeated, we are giving off the impression that we are only fronting up under duress. A teacher under duress shouldn’t be the least surprised when their students feel the same way.

Above is a clip that students secretly made of their teacher. Their Spanish teacher, Señor (Andrew) Ward, has a fun and exciting way of beginning each lesson. Using the Spanish greeting, watch as he opens his lesson with the same words every time – “Buenos días!”

It seems like such a basic thing to do. It’s just welcoming the class at the beginning of the lesson.

But sometimes a happy greeting is all you need.



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