You Shouldn’t Get to Apologise to Students You’ve Just Tortured


An apology doesn’t come close to cutting the mustard!


A high school in southern China has apologised after an intern teacher forced several pupils to walk on their hands as punishment, a local newspaper reports.

A posting made on social media on Friday claimed several teens from Xixiang Middle School in Shenzhen, just over the border from Hong Kong, had been physically punished after they disobeyed instruction from a gym teacher, according to the Southern Metropolis News.

A photo published with the post showed the bloodied hands of one teen, who was said to be enrolled in the school.

Another photo showed a school form carrying a written explanation by several pupils, who admitted they had missed gym class and their parents should not blame the teachers for the punishment they suffered.

The school authority and the education bureau of Baoan district, where the school is located, confirmed a teacher had forced the teens to walk on their hands, according to the News.

The instructor wanted to discipline the pupils and force them to do additional physical training but made a wrong judgment call.

The school said it would pay for the pupils’ medical fees and officials had visited their parents to offer an apology.



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