How is this Teacher Still in the Classroom?


So let’s get this straight. He makes repeated references to his students’ breasts, rubbed a student’s back, pulled on a student’s ear, refuses to apologise and gets to keep his job!

If these allegations are factual, I wouldn’t want my children in the same post code as this guy let alone classroom!


A middle-school teacher has been disciplined — but not fired — for his unapologetic remarks about his students’ breasts.

Annan Boodram, a seventh- and eighth-grade English teacher at MS 206 in The Bronx, told a student in class, “Your boobs are staring at me,” according to a disciplinary decision filed with the state.

He told another, “Those things are bothering me.”

And a third, “Your ‘friends’ are staring at me.”

Hearing officer Donald Kinsella slapped the 13-year veteran teacher with a $7,500 fine and 10 hours of sensitivity and anti-sex- ­harassment training after a nine-day administrative trial.

It remains to be seen if the teacher learned his lesson.

“Do you understand that referring to a female student’s breasts as ‘things’ or ‘friends’ is inappropriate?” Boodram was asked in the hearing, Kinsella’s ruling states.

His reply: “No, I did not understand that then, and I really don’t know if it is. I mean, the way I see it, it’s not, but I could be wrong.”

Boodram, who made $85,110 last year, also posted on Facebook last week that the trial was “inherently ­biased against the teacher.”

“It matters not how fabulous a defense you mount, you never get off scot free,” he wrote.

Kinsella also found that Boodram, 58, inappropriately rubbed a girl’s back, hugged a girl “chest to chest,” and pulled on ­another’s ears, causing the student pain.

Boodram, a native of Guyana who served six years in the US military before attending City College of New York, admitted during the hearing he made the comments and “expressed regret.” He said students were not adhering to the school’s dress code, and he was trying to get them to cover up.

When one girl wore an open sweater over her shirt, Boodram “stared at her breasts” and “closed her sweater with a paper clip,” says a report by independent schools investigator Richard Condon.

Boodram had received all satisfactory ratings. Principal David Neering was once quoted as praising Boodram: “He does an excellent job of establishing relationships and bonding with the kids. They know that he cares about them.”

But several girls testified that Boodram, despite helping them academically, made them feel uncomfortable, Kinsella’s ruling said.

The Department of Education removed Boodram from the classroom in February 2014 when the complaints surfaced. After Kinsella’s ruling in June, the DOE assigned Boodram to the Absent Teacher Reserve, a pool of substitutes moved from school to school.



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