Teacher Expresses Desire to “Kill all Black People” and Keeps Her Job!


If you can’t get sacked for this then what can you get sacked for?


A North Carolina math teacher has been allowed to keep her job despite allegedly saying she wanted to ‘kill all black people.’

Cynthia Ramsey, head of the math department at Camden County High School in North Carolina, allegedly said to a student that if she only had ten days left to live, her bucket list would include told ‘killing all black people’.

The conversation is alleged to have taken place in her classroom this week, following which she was suspended but then reinstated.

Kimberly Ashcraft, the mother of the Camden County High student who reported the teacher’s offensive comments told WAVY: ‘It is very disturbing.’

Ashcraft’s daughter said Ramsey was in her classroom along with several other students who were eating lunch.

In the course of a conversation Ramsey began to talk about what she would do if she knew she was going to die.

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