The Disgraceful Decision to Fire a Teacher for Trying to Break Up a Fight


The teacher in this video was unfortunately fired for her attempted intervention. I find this to be an outrageous overreaction to what was a most challenging situation.


I have the following points to make:

1. How many of us teachers were ever trained on what to do to break up a fight between students. Do you try to intervene? Do you simply wait for security? Do you take a proactive approach or a passive one?

2. This is not your average student fight. This is ultra violent and extremely serious. When the teacher chose to intervene, it was at a point when the child on the bottom looked like he was about to have a serious concussion.

3. I’ve heard people argue that she should have called for security and left it at that. Really? Can’t you see what is going on? What if one of the students involved got a blow to the head which left him brain damaged? How would we view the teacher if all she did was send a child out to alert security?

4. A television reporter suggested she should have physically restrained the fighters. Are you serious? We are teachers not bouncers! She was brave enough to do what she did. Getting in the middle of the fight wouldn’t have been wise. In fact, it would have been suicide.

5. I’ve heard comments made about the unacceptability of hitting students with a broom. This very argument was made by one of the students at the school:

Bernard Barton III, a 19-year-old senior at the school, said the teacher went too far.

“The lady she should have never grabbed the broom. She could have just grabbed the security guard,” Barton said. “He could have got hurt from her hitting him with the broom like that and she should have gotten charged for it.”

Firstly, do you honestly think this teacher goes around hitting her students with brooms? This was an absolutely exceptional case that required a response that goes against the natural character of the teacher involved. Secondly, she didn’t use inappropriate force, she used the bristles for goodness sakes!

6. By firing the teacher they again make the teacher the focal point. This is quite disturbing. Surely the fighting students must be the story here, not the desperate teacher.

7. I want the people that fired her to not only explain why they fired her but to explain what they would have done in such a situation.

Fire this teacher? I would have given her support and guidance, offered her counseling and considered a raise!


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7 Responses to “The Disgraceful Decision to Fire a Teacher for Trying to Break Up a Fight”

  1. Ashwin Says:

    Fire the People who went against her! She should be promoted

  2. Lynne Diligent Says:

    What was the reason for firing her???

    • Michael G. Says:

      She hit a student with a broomstick. Personally, the man who eventually stopped the fight by holding one of the students at bay almost certainly used more force.

      • Lynne Diligent Says:

        Sorry, I knew she hit the student with a broomstick, but that seems SO much better than letting such a violent fight continue! Even the other students in the room could have been injured. That’s why I don’t understand why she was fired for this (and I’m a teacher, too)!

  3. kedavis99 Says:

    And if she hadn’t intervened and one of the kids was seriously hurt, then the parent complained/sued she would have been fired for not intervening. This really feels like a Catch 22 situation and that just sucks!

    • Michael G. Says:

      That is a brilliant point that is compounded by the fact that many teachers, myself included, have never been trained to deal with such a situation. This was beyond the scope of a classroom scuffle. This was extremely serious and required more than just a call for security.

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