Don’t Fire Caring Teachers


Jennifer MittsI am not advocating taking students off campus without permission, but surely by doing such an honorable thing for her student she deserved a bit more leniency?

A popular Red Bank High School teacher is out of a job and now there is public mud-slinging over whether she was forced to resign or if she left to prevent a second suspension.

Bring Mitts Back is an online petition to get Jennifer Mitts back her job. She taught at Red Bank High School for 14 years until abruptly submitting her resignation letter.

According to the website, school officials forced her to resign but assistant superintendent of human resources, Stacy Stewart says Mitts was only facing her second suspension within three years.

“Instead of taking the suspension, she opted to resign and we allowed her to do so. She has mentioned being forced to waive her rights to due process and that’s incorrect,” Stewart said.

It all started when Mitts reportedly took a student to a medical facility and even paid the medical bill. It seems harmless, but there’s a catch.

“Ms. Mitts was officially warned in writing back in January of 2013, not to take students from campus in her car without permission,” Stewart said.

According to Mitt’s personnel file, she has received several warnings, reprimands and even an 5-day suspension for other incidents that raised administrative red flags. There was even a letter from a school administrator explaining how her good intentions were putting the district in jeopardy of a potential lawsuit.

“It’s a liability issue. It’s an issue of insubordination after doing something you were officially warned not to do and doing it again. It’s an issue of neglect of duty because the classroom was left unattended. There’s several issues,” Stewart said.

WDEF has reached out to Mitts through her Facebook page and even showed up at her home but never received any response.



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