Brilliant Prank Photos Show Parenting at its Worst




A fun project which is a refreshing alternative from those that drive us crazy with their preachy and self-righteous views on parenting:


It started as one goofy picture taken by a first-time parent, joking around by squirting his newborn’s milk into a cup of coffee rather than bottle feeding her.

But when the internet demanded more from Dave Engledow, he obliged with doing a couple others.

And then some more.

Now the 43-year-old married man has made something of a career out of creating the wackiest dad-and-daughter scrapbook of shots with his little girl, Alice Bee, who was six weeks old to begin with and recently turned three.

With the key item of the first photo being the ‘World’s Best Father’ mug, Engledow’s brand was thus born.

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