You Can’t Have Your Lunch and Eat it Too

Imagine ripping lunches away from students because after serving them they found that their parents haven’t yet settled the cafeteria bill. One second the children have their lunch tray, the next they have been confiscated and are ordered to take an orange instead.

The school now apologises for this, but sometimes a sorry isn’t good enough. Sometimes you have to reflect on what they were thinking to rationalise taking lunch from hungry children. Their actions caused embarrassment, made children go hungry, caused needless food wastage and made children responsible for an issue that had nothing to do with them.

Earlier this week, school officials threw out the lunches of up to 40 students at Uintah Elementary School because of unpaid balances on students’ meal accounts, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. After having their lunches discarded, the children were instead given milk and fruit.

According to the outlet, officials intended to withhold lunches from indebted students. However, because district employees did not learn who owed money until after lunch was served, they ended up taking back those lunches from students and throwing them out.

“So she took my lunch away and said, ‘Go get a milk,’” fifth-grader Sophia Isom told Utah outlet KSL-TV of what happened. “I came back and asked, ‘What’s going on?’ Then she handed me an orange. She said, ‘You don’t have any money in your account so you can’t get lunch.’”

Erica Lukes, Sophia’s mother, says she is outraged over the incident, and that she was previously under the impression that Sophia’s lunch balance had been paid.

“I think it’s despicable,” Lukes told The Salt Lake Tribune. “These are young children that shouldn’t be punished or humiliated for something the parents obviously need to clear up.”

On Wednesday, the district posted an apology on its Facebook page. The apology notes that officials are investigating “what type of notification parents may or may not have received prior to this week.”

The meek apology just proves that they completely missed the point.

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