The Bystander Experiment (Video)



I don’t believe in shaming bystanders too afraid to confront an aggressive stranger whilst he is bullying another. While I strongly believe in the duty of a bystander to get involved, I understand that it doesn’t come at no risk.

I think the actors did a brilliant job in ‘setting up’ unsuspecting bystanders to their concocted scenario, but I believe their summary is all wrong. Instead of shaming those who were too afraid to stand up to the bully, highlighting those courageous enough to do so would have made for a far more effective message. One young woman in particular does an awesome job at diffusing a heated situation.

Making headway when it comes to changing bystander habits should be done though promoting positive and courageous actions rather than admonishment those who let fear stand in the way of what is the right thing to do.

For a comprehensive treatment on the power of the bystander for young children, I cannot recommend this film highly enough:


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