Sickening Video of Girl Being Bullied for Having Ginger Hair

Without knowing the school, I venture to say that this story is more than the work of a few bullies and a student who distributed a video online – this is about a culture which tells students that it is alright to persecute another on the basis of the colour of their hair. These bullies were more than likely getting away with all kinds of abuse without any sanction.

Do we really need to wait until viral videos and hospitalisations occur before a school begins to understand the extent of the bullying prevailing in their corridors?

Shocking footage of a schoolgirl being repeatedly kicked in the face by playground bullies ‘because she was ginger’ has appeared on the internet.

The schoolgirl had to be taken to hospital after being dragged to the floor by her hair and kicked in the face four times by playground bullies.

Footage of the brutal assault – which appeared on video site YouTube just hours after it happened –  shows a crowd of pupils at The Deanes School in Thundersley, Essex, encouraging the bullies to attack.

During the assault children can be heard goading the bullies with one boy screaming ‘Let her have it’ as the young girl is thrown to the floor by her hair.The disturbing footage – recorded on a mobile phone camera by a fellow pupil, then shows one attacker brutally kicking the girl in the face.The appalling attack comes just days after leading child abuse campaigner Shy Keenan claimed her 14-year-old son, Ayden, had been ‘bullied to death’ after he was tragically found dead at their family home in nearby Colchester, Essex.

The brave victim returned to school on Tuesday in a show of defiance against the bullies after suffering bruising from the brutal assault.

Jan Atkinson, headteacher of The Deanes School, said: ‘The school is treating this incident very seriously and is taking action against those involved.

‘The students concerned, including the student who uploaded the video, will not be returning to the school.

‘The incident happened during break time and was dealt with by a senior member of staff.

‘The victim was taken to hospital to be checked out. She had some bruising but is fine and has since returned to school.

‘I have spoken to the parents of the students involved and they are confident the school will deal with the situation in the right way.’


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