Teacher Accused of Stealing Food from her Students

OK, I admit it.  On one or two occasions I have asked for and received a potato chip from my students’ lunch.

But there is no way I would ever deprive my students of their packed lunch:

A Waikato kindy teacher was caught stealing food from children’s lunchboxes before either eating it, hiding it or putting it in her pocket.

The case is one of more than a dozen of serious misconduct at Waikato education providers in the past five years.

The 16 cases include sexual relations between teachers and students, sexual violation, possessing child pornography, and convictions for drugs and threatening to kill.

It is the first time that disciplinary decisions specific to Waikato teachers can been revealed as, until now, the Teachers Council has kept all location and identifying details secret.

The council initially refused to provide the information and it has taken more than five months for the Times to obtain it via the Official Information Act.


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2 Responses to “Teacher Accused of Stealing Food from her Students”

  1. jennwhitley Says:

    While this is hilarious on some levels, it is stories like these that break down the positive image of teachers. Come on, people!

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