The Toothbrush that Makes Sure Your Kids Brush Properly


So much for the speedy lackluster brush to satisfy your nagging mother:

The Beam toothbrush might be a boon to parents who are trying to get their children to brush, and it may inspire every owner to take more care of their pearls.

But be warned, if you shun your teeth too much – the device could let your dentist know you have been bunking off.

The device connects wirelessly to your phone, literally putting the ‘tooth’ into ‘Bluetooth’.

The reluctant brusher can then time their strokes and monitor their daily progress – although be warned that the toothbrush is not electric, so you still have to do the manual brushing yourself.

The makers said: ‘Today, the average person brushes their teeth for only 46 seconds, but is 50 per cent more likely to brush their teeth for a full two minutes by using just a simple timer.

‘Oral care is considered patient-centered, since oral health is impacted significantly by your daily hygiene habits.

‘Data from the Beam Brush is designed to raise awareness for your oral care.’

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