Parenting Advice that Hits the Mark


I am usually quite reluctant to post advice on parenting. I find parenting advice quite preachy and just because something has worked for one child doesn’t mean it will work for another.

But having stumbled upon ‘s brilliant list of ‘don’t’ rules for parents, I thought I would make this an exception to my rule:

*Don’t Worry About the Things You Can’t Control: What’s out of your control you can’t put too much thought into. You can only keep track of your own actions or thoughts. So focus on what is possible.

*Don’t Forget to Pee: This is one of those sayings that rings true for parents. We are so focused on the kids that we completely forget about ourselves. All of a sudden, five years go by and you wonder what happened. It’s important to have balance and not forget about what you need in the wake of your children’s needs.

*Don’t Follow Anyone Else’s Lead: Everybody will have their own take on what good parenting is. Don’t follow anybody else’s lead. It’s important to hear people out and see what may work and not work for them as a parent, but listen to your own gut and follow your own path. Being a leader will take you far as a parent.

*Don’t Be Complacent: Mix things up for you and your kids as much as you can. When we get too comfortable is when things get boring. Try your best to keep things exciting on all levels for everyone.

*Don’t Miss Out On Daily Meditation: It is vital to keep a calm state of mind as a parent. One way to do this is to get re-centered on a daily basis. I suggest doing some soul-searching meditation every day. This will get you through the rest of your day.

*Don’t Underestimate the Influence of Other Kids: A bad apple has been known to spoil the bunch. As your kids get older, keep a watchful eye on who they are hanging out with. If your child is acting up all of a sudden, look to see what may be the cause. If it’s due to the influence of a buddy, try to cool that relationship off.

*Don’t Carry Guilt: It’s important not to carry guilt as a parent. Whether it’s an argument with your spouse, picking up your child late from soccer practice or sleeping in on a Saturday morning, don’t feel guilty. No parent is perfect. Let go of the guilt and make tomorrow a new day.


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2 Responses to “Parenting Advice that Hits the Mark”

  1. James Wilson Says:

    I read your content . Content is truly based in parenting advice. Thanks for sharing few nice parenting advices public ally.These advices are really helpful for all the parents who are not able to control their children.

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