The Rise of the Insensitive School

Who in their right mind would stop students from paying tribute to a the memory of a treasured friend and classmate?

Friends of a 14-year-old boy who died after a long battle with cancer are being sent home from school for refusing to remove wristbands worn in his memory.

Jordan Cobby, from Nuneaton, was diagnosed with a tumour behind his eye in 2008 and died aged 14 last March

Tribute wristbands in memory of Jordan were sold at his school, the Nuneaton Academy, following his death, with all proceeds donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.

Friends of the teenager bought the bands and have worn them ever since, but now the school has banned pupils from wearing them, saying they are not part of the uniform, his mother Joanne Meuse said.

One pupil, a close friend of Jordan’s, has even been sent home for refusing to remove the wristband.


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2 Responses to “The Rise of the Insensitive School”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    Totalitarianism has no place in Education. When I worked as an itinerant behaviour teacher, one school wanted me to “fix” a 10 year old Aboriginal girl. What was wrong? The school had a “no hat no play” policy, which was rigorously enforced. Their problem was one grade 5 child who refused to put on her hat to go outside. After a deal of coercion they won. The child put on her hat to go out. The problem was, she refused to take it off to go inside. Now this is not a kid with mean behaviour. This was a normal, happy 10 year old, who for the most part was friendly and compliant. They wanted me to wave some sort of magic wand so she would take off her hat to go inside. They created the problem. They wanted me to fix it. My advice to them was to leave the child alone. Enough with the coercion and threats and punishment. After about a week of leaving her alone she started to conform to the pattern followed by her peers. It breaks my heart to see beautiful, happy children browbeaten by a mechanical monster that many of our schools have become.

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