Don’t Even Try to Huminise James Holmes

The speculation that gunman James Holmes was bullied as a child used to try and understand his motives for firing on unsuspecting people is quite unseemly.

Firstly, there is no proof he was ever bullied.

Secondly, even if he was, it wasn’t the system that failed him – he is completely and utterly to blame for his actions. No school system, classmate or schoolyard bully caused him to act this way. As much as I abhor bullying, the victims of bullying can never use it as an excuse to justify murder.

The argument that if we knew he was bullied as a child, it would help us to understand his mind frame and motives  is most irresponsible:

Many of us need to know what was going on in the mind of this man so that we can prevent this type of tragedy from repeating itself. I wondered if he was the victim of bullying since that seems to be the thread of commonality in crimes of this nature. Was James Holmes the victim of bullying and if so, how long did it go on? I’m sure that no one may care at the moment about his state of mind at that time that this horrific incident occurred. At least not until it happens again.

But still, if James Holmes was the victim of bullying, could this all have been avoided? If this were the reason for his actions, could it have been prevented if someone recognized the warning signs and took the appropriate actions? Or am I reaching too high to make sense out of the senseless? Because the simple reality is, if there were no bullying and the only signs that he exhibited is being a loner, then this makes this crime even more terrifying in its randomness. In the days to come as the citizens of Aurora pull themselves together, we will find out more about what made this man do what he did.

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4 Responses to “Don’t Even Try to Huminise James Holmes”

  1. paul hill Says:

    If he didn’t suffer social abuse then he must have been born evil. That means you have to blame his genes. So put his genes on trial. If there is a God that created his genes then put God on trial. ‘though I doubt he attend court.

    • thwack Says:

      What about free will?
      What about personal responsibility?
      What about millions of people who were born with mental instability and/or endure bullying, and don’t proceed to kill recklessly and premeditatively?

  2. paul hill Says:

    What about if he was so disturbed he actually thought he was doing good. What if he saw himself as some sort of left wing revolutionary. United States is itself so deranged that spawning psychotics like Holmes is inevitable. A nation drowning in religious fundamentalism, massive inequalities and guns. Gut rid of all that, beginning with the inequality, and massacres will become a thing of the past.

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