People Find the Stabbing of a Teacher Funny



A teacher gets stabbed by a crazed student and 69 of his student friends signal their approval:


A judge has blasted the ‘sick’ people who ‘liked’ a Facebook post of the 14-year-old boy who stabbed a supply teacher in a racist attack. 

The boy, who the judge ruled cannot be identified, was overheard calling Vincent Uzomah a ‘b******’ and a ‘n*****’ before he knifed him in the stomach at Dixons Kings Academy in Bradford in June. 

In a message ‘liked’ by 69 people, he then boasted on Facebook: ‘The motherf***** getin funny so I stick the blade straight in his tummy.’ 

Passing sentence yesterday, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC condemned the boy’s post and those who ‘liked’ it as ‘sick’.

The judge said: ‘It’s an appalling reflection on a small microcosm of our society that within minutes or hours after posting, 69 people “liked”. How sick.’

The judge described the attack as ‘utterly shocking’ and told the boy he had ‘deliberately and callously’ stabbed his teacher.

He said: ‘You went to your school armed with a knife with a significant blade intending, when the opportunity presented, to stab your teacher Vincent Uzomah.


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