Teacher Demonstrates the Importance of Life by Eating a Live Hamster


I am not sure you can get any positive message out of barbarism:


A teacher decided to give his pupils an extracirrcular lesson recently, by allegedly eating a live hamster in front of them.

Police are investigating the teacher, identified only as Yu, who reportedly gave the little rodent his grisly end to show the pupils in his South Korean classroom ‘how dear life is’.

The class he was teaching at a boarding school in Jeongeup, North Jeolla Province were reportedly teasing hamsters, causing him to take the drastic (and, let’s be honest, over the top) method of teaching them a lesson.

Yu is also accused of using abusive language in front of the seven children who claim to have witnessed the gruesome act.

He has since left the school following complaints from several parents and other members of staff.

Some parents have filed a complaint with the police, claiming that Yu’s actions were a form of child abuse.

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3 Responses to “Teacher Demonstrates the Importance of Life by Eating a Live Hamster”

  1. ketaninkorea Says:

    This is crazy!! I’ve been here for six years in South Korea teaching, and I’ve never heard of a teacher doing anything like this!!!

  2. ketaninkorea Says:

    Reblogged this on So, You Think You Can Teach ESL?.

  3. English Expressions Says:

    That’s pretty disgusting! What could be more traumatizing for a child than seeing your own teacher eating the beloved classroom hamster?

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