Teacher Busted for Lying Thanks to Her Facebook Updates


In my teens I adored the movie, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. My parents never let me take a day off school, and I was both envious of Ferris for cutting school and in awe of his ability to make fools out of Principals and senior administrators. Perhaps the teacher that ‘pulled a sickie’ in order to go on holiday, also had a soft spot for Bueller’s penchant for taking risks. What she didn’t have, was his smarts:


Some teachers never learn.

Brooklyn guidance counselor Mindy Robinson lied about having dental work so she could celebrate her birthday on a tropical beach. Then she boasted about the ruse on Facebook — even though many New York teachers have gotten busted the same way.

Robinson, who worked at IS 171 Abraham Lincoln in East New York, posted on Facebook a dispatch from her vacation in Turks and Caicos islands several days before the city schools’ spring recess in March 2013.

“So tell me how did u get off of work?” a Facebook “friend” asked.

“I had a small procedure that had to be done do [sic] I told the crazy one that the doctor was going to be out of town and could only do it this week.”

“Be careful,” the friend warned, “because two years ago people got caught doing things like that.”

“Too late but thanks for the info,” Robinson replied.

Robinson refused to speak with investigators and agreed to retire last July 1.



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