The Epidemic that is Online Bullying


Online bullying is becoming a bigger problem by the day, and it is high time schools stop handballing the problem to parents and start getting more involved:


One in seven children admit to having bullied someone online – often to try to fit in, a poll reveals.

Others claim they turned to bullying to avoid becoming a target of abuse themselves.

The charity Action For Children, which commissioned the survey, said many children bully others because of problems in their own lives.

The poll, published to mark Safer Internet Day today, found 15 per cent of 2,000 youngsters aged eight to 17 questioned had bullied someone online. 

Of these, 59 per cent did so to fit in with a particular social group and 43 per cent wanted to prevent themselves being bullied.

Some 28 per cent admitted becoming a bully due to peer pressure and 12 per cent said they had done it because they were unhappy. 

The survey also found that nearly half of the youngsters questioned admitted they had kept silent after seeing or reading something online that made them feel uncomfortable, rather than telling someone.

Around one in five said they had kept quiet because they were scared of what a bully might do to them, while nearly half said they were not worried enough to let someone know what they had seen and 17 per cent said they were worried they would get into trouble if they told.


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