I Wish All Principals Could Be Like This



mr weir

This story gives me so much pleasure:


Many adults would have dismissed a Grade 3 girl’s desperation over losing her tooth in the school playground. But her principal took it seriously, writing a letter to the tooth fairy with the school’s official letterhead.

Avery Patchett’s loose tooth popped out last week while she was in class at James Hill Elementary School in Langley, B.C. Her teacher got her a “tooth chest necklace” to keep it safe so she could take it home, said principal Chris Wejr in an email to The Huffington Post B.C.

But Avery fell during recess and knocked the tooth onto the ground. She and her two friends searched for several minutes but couldn’t find it, leaving Avery very upset that she wouldn’t be able to show it to the tooth fairy, said Wejr.

The principal reassured her that he had a plan, one that he had used for another student who lost a tooth at school. Wejr sent Avery home with the official letter above.

Avery’s mother, Debbie Patchett, told HuffPost B.C. she was deeply touched by the principal’s “kind and compassionate gesture” to turn “what could have been a sad memory into such a wonderful memory for our little girl.”

The tooth fairy left Avery $5.

“What is small to us may be huge to a child so it is important to stay in the moment and give children the care they need,” explained Wejr. “We need to model kindness and show them they matter.”

The tooth fairy letter is being shared on social media, which Wejr says is a useful way for parents and the community to see the positive things that teachers do in schools every day.


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One Response to “I Wish All Principals Could Be Like This”

  1. kedavis99 Says:

    This is just so sweet. My son lost his very first tooth on the playground at school and then proceeded to lose it in the mulch before he could get to the nurse for the tooth necklace. The teacher was so upset, the whole class was down on hands and knees looking for it and she took a picture with her phone to show me and so we could show the tooth fairy. I loved it and it made it much easier on the poor kiddo knowing the tooth fairy would still come.

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