Worst Examples of Teacher Discipline

After reading about two recent cases of discipline gone wrong, I couldn’t help but reflect on some terrible instances of terrible disciplinary methods inflicted on me by my teachers.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about an Australian teacher who was accused of sticky-taping some of her students lips together as a response to their unruly behaviour.

Unfortunately, it gets worse.

Today I read about the British teacher given a 3-year suspension for forcing autistic pupils to run on a high-speed treadmill as a punishment.

Glenda Partridge, 35, was also alleged to have taken food away from youngsters if they misbehaved and dragged them across the floor by their collars.

Whilst I never experienced anything as horrific as that, it did bring back some memories from my youth – three incidents in particular:
1.  I was caught chewing gum and was forced to sit in front of the class  with my hands in the payer position, chewing gum firmly entrenched between my palms.  It took hours for the chewing gum to wash off.
2.  After being caught speaking out of turn, the teacher coloured in a circle on the board and made me stand at the chalkboard, with my nose placed on the circle.
3.  I got caught writing lines in class for another teacher.  My teacher spotted me and approached me angrily.  I went to put the lines away, and in doing so dropped them on the floor.  As I attempted to pick it up my teacher slapped me on the back of the head.
I was wrong on all three occasions, but the punishments were a bit too excessive.  I was actually a very well-behaved child, so these incidents really stood out in my memory.
What was the worst examples of student discipline handed out to you?

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