Children Suspended for a Week Because Parents Missed an Information Session




Are schools not designed to serve the interests of its students? How on earth is it in a child’s best interests to be banned from school for a week just because his parents failed to turn up to a meeting?

Schools ought to stop being so inflexible and process driven and start to show a bit more concern for their major stakeholders – their students!

Children were left in ‘floods of tears’ after they were banned from starting primary school for a week because their parents missed compulsory meetings on health and safety and child protection.

As many as nine children, some aged just four or five, were banned for a week from Briscoe Primary School, in Pitsea, Basildon, Essex, after their parents missed the sessions.

The children will be allowed back to school next Tuesday if their parents attend specially-arranged sessions.

Headteacher Debbie Rogan said she was ‘mystified’ as to why the parents did not attend the sessions and she was ‘disappointed’ the children would not be able to start school with the other pupils.

Mother Kaily Barnard, 38, said her son was turned away from the gates after she took him to the school yesterday.

She said: ‘I got my son dressed and took him to the school, I didn’t think they would turn him away at the gate while he was in his uniform, but a teacher said his name was on a list of children who were not allowed in.

‘I missed one session but it’s not like I would have come away with a BSc in pre-school science.

‘My son is not traumastised but some of the children were.

‘There are decent parents at that school and the head is trying to make an example of us – she can do that if she wants to, but not at the expense of my four-year-old son.’


Would I have attended such a meeting at my daughter’s school? Of course I would. But don’t for a second believe that this meeting was worth suspending kids for. At best it was slightly useful. At worst, it was a snore-a-thon!


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