Teachers are Extremely Vulnerable to False Accusations

As serious as it is when a child accuses his/her teacher of inappropriate behaviour, it is essential that the teacher gets the opportunity to respond to the allegations without being judged. Unfortunately, teachers are often subject to false allegations and excessive reactions on the part of the parents:

Simone Baker, 25, confronted her son’s teacher on Thursday about 5.30pm over claims by the boy that she had scratched his neck, KCTV5 reported.

Baker, of Kansas City, grew irate after the teacher told her to schedule a meeting with the principal the following day, according to a Kansas City Police Department report.

She headed to the principal’s office before returning to the classroom where she allegedly hit the teacher in the face five to 10 times as she held the woman’s arm down.

Baker allegedly then grabbed the teacher by her hair and rammed her head against a filing cabinet two times.

“You better not touch my kid again,” Baker allegedly told the teacher, before fleeing the classroom.

The woman was treated at hospital for bruising to her arm and some redness and swelling on her face.

District officials said the six-year-old boy’s father brought his son into Truman Elementary School on Friday and that boy had recanted his story.

The teacher could not be reached for comment but a local school district spokesman said they would be pursuing legal action against Baker.

“The administration did everything they do to keep her calm. They asked her to leave,” the spokesman said.

“We’re very concerned about this measure and we’re doing everything we possibly can to ensure the safety of our staff and the students.”

Baker was issued a municipal citation for inflicting bodily harm and is due in court on October 22.

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One Response to “Teachers are Extremely Vulnerable to False Accusations”

  1. teachling Says:

    That’s shocking. What a terrible example that mother has set for her child.

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