The Spoiled Twins with their £70k First Birthday Party (Photos)



All that money and the children involved will grow up without ever remembering enjoying it:

He’s created everything from ice castles to oriental palaces and numbers Simon Cowell and Elton John among his clients – and now well-heeled parents are asking celebrity event planner Steven Duggan to create equally lavish parties for children too young to have a clue what’s going on.

Last month, Duggan created an Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan-themed event for a pair of twins celebrating their first birthday – and charged the parents £70,000 for the privilege. The party took place in a marquee erected in the family’s garden in London.

While it might sound extravagant, Duggan says it’s by no means an unusual event (‘we do about one a month’) and revealed that non-celebrities tend to splash out far more on private parties than their A-list counterparts.






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