Who Needs the Right Answer When You Can Think Like a Child



The clip above demonstrates more than just cuteness. It captures children who are not yet interested in wealth, answer with creativity and insight and are not afraid of being wrong. You ask those same questions to teenagers and you will possibly find cynicism and insecurity on show.

Cuteness has a short shelf life but confidence is of eternal significance. We must help our young maintain their confidence and creativity long after their ‘cute’ period is behind them.

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One Response to “Who Needs the Right Answer When You Can Think Like a Child”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    That’s nothing that 7 years of school won’t fix. Plenty of mandated curriculum, plenty of standardised testing, plenty of teaching to the tests, plenty of lessons based on political whim and media driven hype as distinct from understanding how children learn. Remove as much professional discretion from teachers as you can. Make them increasingly accountable for more of what they have no control over. Centrally produced, scripted lessons. That’s what we want more of.

    Yep I think we are on the right track to eliminate the kind of nonsense depicted in the clip.

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