The PC Police and its Implications for Male Teachers


This is a classic example why male teachers must be extremely careful to act above and beyond the professional standards adhered to by their female colleagues.

Do you honestly think that if a female crossing guard was ‘high-fiving’ children anyone would even blink an eye?

A LOLLIPOP man has been banned from giving high-fives to children as they cross the road because it’s “too dangerous”, according to the health and safety police.

Bernie Robertson – who has stopped traffic to keep young pupils safe outside Mount Annan Public School in Sydney’s southwest for 13 years – has been cautioned after a review of guidelines by Roads and Maritime Services.

Parents with children at the school have launched a furious revolt, starting a Facebook page “Support for Bernie our crossing man”, which has received more than 870 likes and an online petition with 250 signatures.

Mr Robertson said he was overwhelmed by the response from the community. “Of course I’m very pleased with the support, with what the parents have done,” he said.

Rachael Sowden, from the Parents and Citizens Association of NSW, said the issue was an example of political correctness “gone mad”.

 “We don’t believe high-fiving little children is an inappropriate thing,” she said.

“Sometimes people take things a little bit too far and this sounds like one of those incidents. While there’s no concern for their wellbeing it does seem a little bit like PC gone mad.”


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2 Responses to “The PC Police and its Implications for Male Teachers”

  1. John Tapscott Says:

    I observed the zenith in feminist PC arrogance when a newly appointed female principal went through all the readers and library books and destroyed all that depicted traditional family life where the father went to work and the mother worked in the home and cared for children. “Michele has Two Mommies” would have survived. I later came across the term “femiNAZI” and knew instantly what it meant.

    This is social engineering of the worst kind as it aims to corrupt the minds of little children.

    Do I appear to be sexist? That’s just it. By pointing out an illogicality I am liable to be labelled such. Logic is no longer welcome in schools and society in general. Begin to win an argument based on logic and you will be labelled as a racist, a sexist or some other “ist” without the slightest shred of evidence. In other words, if you can’t prevail on the basis of logic and rational argument resort to emotive language to discredit your opponent. It works.

  2. Mike Feurstein Says:

    I’m not sure if I see anywhere in here the implications that it was a dangerous “male” activity. I would assume they meant it was dangerous to high-five someone in the middle of a street. It’s distracting and takes his eyes off the cars. Not that I think they should have gone to the lengths they did, but aren’t we misinterpreting what they meant by “dangerous” ? Or did I miss some important info?

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