Should Classrooms Be Fitted With Surveillance Cameras?

I have traditionally been against the installation of cameras in classrooms. My view was that such an initiative would show disrespect for the teacher and make them feel insecure and constantly scrutinised. I also felt that it would weaken the teacher’s authority.

But with the proliferation of secret cell phone videos that have made its way to YouTube, I wonder if it’s in the best interest of teachers and students alike to have cameras installed in the classroom. This will stop children from filming their teachers without their knowledge, it will pick up incidents where students are bullying their teacher and it will prevent predators from abusing children:

In the wake of school abuse scandals like the one involving Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles, some people think equipping classrooms with camera could protect children from predators.

Surveillance cameras are nothing new. They are in convenience stores and government buildings and even in bus stations.

But they aren’t in classrooms.

Mal Weisberg, the owner of a company that sells surveillance equipment, said this should change.

“These parents deserve to know what their kids are up to,” said Weisburg, whose company, Privacy Connection, has been selling such cameras for a quarter century.


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2 Responses to “Should Classrooms Be Fitted With Surveillance Cameras?”

  1. Lorna Duna Says:

    Even by your own admission these cameras are all about bad behavior either by the teacher or the students but not once, in any of these conversations, is it about teaching and learning. Wouldn’t it be nice to use the cameras to see good teaching and active engagement? So sad that this is what education has come down to. Michael, I read all of your posts, but this one issue really makes me sad.

    • Michael G. Says:

      Thank you Lorna. I really appreciate your comment. I would love to watch footage of great classroom practice. I agree that it is sad that education has come down to this.

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