School Official’s Solution to Harassed Teen: Get a Breast Reduction


Apparently a 13 year old who is being sexually harassed has no claim based on the size of her breasts:

A Missouri mother was shocked to hear an official at her daughter’s school district suggest that the 13-year-old get a breast reduction surgery to stop other classmates from bullying her.

Tammie Jackson, of Moline Acres in the suburbs of St Louis, said that her daughter, Gabrielle, has been sexually harassed by fellow classmates at Central Middle School because of her large breasts.

When the mother called the Riverview Gardens School District to complain about the bullying, she was shocked by the advice she has received.

According to Jackson, a  district representative told her that while her 13-year-old daughter could be transferred to another school, her breasts are so large that she will always be teased.

The woman then allegedly suggested a solution to the problem: that Gabrielle undergo a surgery to reduce her cup size.

‘It makes me feel like now you are telling me it’s my fault, it’s God’s fault the way he made her,’ Jackson told Fox 2.

If the allegations presented here are in fact true, the school official should be sacked immediately. No child should ever have to undergo surgery of any kind to ward off bullying behaviour. Schools ought to start to get their acts together and stop finding excuses for inexcusable behaviour.

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