One Woman’s Plight to Overcome Shyness (Video)


Shyness is a very underrated issue in the schoolyard and one I have written about on this blog. Last year I wrote a post giving 8 tips to help students overcome shyness.

Emma Pickles, a once deeply shy young girl, seems to have come up with an original method of her own:

A teenager who used to be so shy she avoided parties and could not speak in class has become an internet star through her YouTube channel.

Emma Pickles, 18, found courage after years of struggling with crippling social anxiety after posting makeup tutorial videos online.

More than 1.5 million people have watched her transform herself into everything from movie characters Edward Scissorhands and X-Men’s Mystique to pop star Katy Perry and terrifying monsters.


Emma, from Halifax, Yorkshire used to be controlled by her shyness which prevented her from speaking in front of people and caused her to shun social events.

Two years ago, her social anxiety got so bad she stopped answering questions at school and after her work suffered she began seeing a counsellor.


She says she became self-conscious at a very young age which developed into a fear of public speaking, even to the point where she struggled to ask for a ticket at the cinema.

Emma said: ‘I wouldn’t leave the house without putting on a full face of makeup and I even panicked at answering my phone.

‘When a teacher asked me a question in class I used to go bright red and start shaking all over.

‘When I would go to the cinema I even found it hard to ask for a ticket. I don’t know why, there is no reason but I was scared.’


But when she began posting her videos, Emma gained new confidence and her incredible makeup tutorials are now followed by thousands of loyal fans who subscribe to her channel.

She says she feels more comfortable speaking to people online and that she has YouTube to thank for her new self-assurance.

‘I’ve achieved so much through YouTube and having to speak in front of a camera has given me a lot more confidence.

‘It’s really weird that so many people have subscribed to my channel. I had no idea it would go this well but it’s so nice.

‘I even met my boyfriend through YouTube.’



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