The Disgusting Act by a Teacher that Drove a Schoolgirl to Attempt Suicide

Not only doesn’t humiliation work in promoting and nurturing good citizens but it is an absolutely appalling practice. To strip a student naked and parade her in public amounts to disgusting conduct regardless of her infringement.

This story upsets me no end:

The scale of cruelty and corporal punishment in Indian schools was highlighted yesterday by the attempted suicide of 13 year girl who was paraded naked by a teacher for ‘stealing’ £15.

The girl was forced to remove her clothes by a female teacher at a school in north-west Delhi after being accused of stealing money and a mobile phone from a classmate. She returned home after school and jumped off the balcony of her four-storey block of flats. Her relatives said she had been distraught by her public humiliation.

Her case emerged amid a series of reports of brutal attacks on children by teachers throughout India. A four year old boy was forced to drink his own urine by his nursery teacher in Andhra Pradesh to punish him for wetting himself. A five year old boy in the same state was beaten up by a grammar school principal, while a seven year old Dalit girl was thrashed by her mathematics teacher for failing to solve a problem. A teacher was arrested in Madhya Pradesh for partially scalping an eight year old girl .

After reading this, I want even one person to come forward and explain to me how corporal punishment can be legal in some civilised countries.  How is it possible that we can allow any kind of harassment, humiliation or physical consequences, often in the hands of a person who have a clear emotional detachment of the child in question?

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3 Responses to “The Disgusting Act by a Teacher that Drove a Schoolgirl to Attempt Suicide”

  1. Lynne Diligent Says:

    This is unbelievable. My first thought is that these teachers did not really want to go into the teaching profession and that they didn’t have another job option. Secondly, they should be jailed! Is caste violence ignored when it happens from a higher caste to a lower caste?

    Lynne Diligent
    Dilemmas of an Expat Tutor

  2. John Tapscott Says:

    When I was a student I hated having to write lines or essays as a punishment. I hated the mental torture that accompanied it. By my not doing the lines or the essays the only pathway open to the teachers was corporal punishment. This was fantastic. While I did not do the paperwork punishment I was given 2-6 cuts on the hand with a rattan cane and it was all over.

    While ever punishment of any kind is an option the possibility of corporal punishment will be on the table.

    A child who fails top learn, or who is not yet cognitively capable of learning what a politically inspired and enforced curriculum is dishing up to him or her is placed under a degree of mental punishment every bit as mean as corporal punishment and perhaps even more vicious.

    According to behaviour theory it is the consequences of behaviour that shape the behaviour. This being so, misguided people spend their time devising unnatural and illogical consequences to apply in order to shape behaviour.

    Until children are valued for their personhood and until that personhood is no longer violated by a punitive mindset there will not be many advances in education.

    Taking the curriculum out of the hands of politicians and bureaucrats and returning it to teachers who can (and are trained to) plan a curriculum according the the actual needs of their actual students will be the next big and necessary reform in education. Coercion is not necessary neither for students nor for teachers.

    What do others think?

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