Even Prisoners Get to Use the Toilet

A ‘tinkle pass‘? Are you kidding? Is this a ploy to bury the final glimmer of hope in connecting with your student population?

If you feel that students are wasting too much time taking trips to the toilet you should start by reassessing your teaching methodologies. If teachers were able to engage students, the toilet break count would drastically decrease:

A secondary school has outraged parents after introducing a ‘tinkle pass’ which allows students out of lessons to use the toilet just once a week.

The cards are issued to students at Castle Vale Performing Arts College in Birmingham every Monday morning.

If students don’t use them, they must hand them in on a Friday afternoon to ensure they aren’t carried forward to the next week.

The specially designed ‘tinkle card’ reads: ‘I am missing a super learning opportunity because I need a tinkle.’

New headmistress at the school, Charlotte Blencowe, is responsible for the introduction of the cards after introducing a series of new strict policies after taking over during the summer.

Students have also been told they can only communicate in class via a series of hand-signals.

 These include ‘Fingers to eyes and then to the board = I can’t see’, ‘To hands clasped in the air = I need a new book or paper’ and ‘3 fingers in the air = I need the toilet.’

Pupils have also been told that their bags would be searched to ensure their mobile phones are switched off and to check that they have the required number of pens and pencils.


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