If Schools Care Then They Must Prove It

It’s more important than standardized testing results, record of behavior management or leadership skills. The most important thing a school can offer to its students is a caring environment. Schools which support and fight for the well being of its students are the ones which ultimately nurture the happiest children.

Uniforms are important for establishing school pride and have been linked to improved behaviour – but there are many more important facets to a good school:

A teenage girl who has to wear special shoes due to a foot condition, has been told by her school she will be taught in isolation if she doesn’t wear the ‘correct’ shoes.

Keeley Skov has to wear achilles tendon supports and orthotic insoles as she suffers from achilles tendonitis which causes her chronic pain.

The supports don’t fit into standard school shoes, and so Keeley wears a pair of black and white trainers to school.

But Wilnecote High School in Tamworth, Staffs, have told the 13-year-old she must wear regulation black school shoes – despite Keeley having a medical note to explain the situation.

The school will not accept the letter and have said they will keep Keeley in isolation until she wears a pair of plain black shoes.

Mum Carrie Skov said: ‘Keeley is a shy girl, she works hard at school and she was devastated. She was in floods of tears.

‘I was told by a teacher that she would be in isolation until she wore the correct shoes and that they would not accept the letter from the hospital.”

Let the girl wear her shoes for goodness sake!

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3 Responses to “If Schools Care Then They Must Prove It”

  1. gpicone Says:

    I agree! Please check out my blog if u have the time. Schools should support children! Period!

  2. Voiceless in America Says:

    Reblogged this on Voiceless in America.

  3. John Tapscott Says:

    This is no way to treat a child!

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