More Graphic School “Fight Club” Videos Released (Video)

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The level of violence from school aged children is a real cause for concern:

A high school has been forced to take action after discovering students had uploaded violent videos to YouTube and Facebook of classmates taking part in planned brawls.

The videos, filmed on mobile phones, show large cheering crowds gathering around male pupils as they attack each other in brutal fights over girls and to gain respect.

When a concerned parent anonymously emailed the administration of Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, Missouri to alert them of the dangerous trend, officials immediately swooped into action.

They discovered at least half a dozen videos, each labelled with the names of the two boys taking part, which showed students landing heavy punches and head butts on their opponents.Staff contacted YouTube and the website pulled the violent videos. A Facebook page entitled ‘Lindbergh Fights’, which had more than 120 fans, has also been closed down.

Students told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the fights, which had been taking place for around a month, were usually about girls but sometimes for status.As many as 40 students attended the fights after learning about them through word-of-mouth, they said.

The school has yet to rule whether it will discipline the students – a tough call as none of the fights took place on school property or during school hours, and they do not think they relate to bullying.

Of course these incidents relate to bullying! What else would they relate to? And why does the fact that the fights were off campus have any bearing on consequences? Surely the students have a responsibility to represent their school with distinction. When they don’t – as they clearly haven’t here, the school should be given the authority to punish them.


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  1. Voiceless in America Says:

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    This has always been so. The difference: technology. I went to school in the 70’s. At least once a week, my school was on lock down. Technology is now revealing how much this happens. The only change has been in technology. Keep distorting instead of teaching history.

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