The Meth Lab that Doubled as a Playroom

The moral of the story is never let your children play in your illegal drug lab:

Five children, the youngest just two years old, have tested positive for illegal drugs after playing in their father’s kitchen lab, a court has heard.

The man, who cannot be named, is the first person in Australia to face court for the offence of exposing an individual under 14 years to danger from unlawful manufacturing.

He pleaded guilty on Tuesday in the Supreme Court in Brisbane to five counts of the offence, and will be sentenced on Wednesday.

He faces a maximum sentence of nine years in jail.

The court heard the man, 32, ran a drug lab at his home at Loganlea, south of Brisbane.

When police raided the address in April 2010 they found him in the kitchen using caustic soda to extract ephedrine from cold and flu tablets.

The court heard his five children, aged between two and eight, were at home at the time and were not prevented from entering the kitchen.

Police found chemicals on the floor next to one of the children’s teddy bears and discovered acids were stored on low shelves within reach of small hands.

The five children had samples of their hair analysed and all tested positive for methylamphetamine, the court was told.

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