Student Finds a Bag of Cocaine in Her Amazon Textbook Order

Cocaine isn’t something you’d expect to find in your Amazon textbook order. For one unsuspecting customer, a university textbook about terrorism isn’t the only thing she received in the mail.

Any university student who has ever purchased a used textbook knows that there are sometimes strange surprises hiding between those pages. Usually they come in the form of messy scribbles or perhaps even a forgotten piece of gum, but in one student’s case the unexpected (and unwanted) gift-with-a-textbook-purchase was a bag of cocaine.

WPTV reports that Sophia Stockton — a junior at Mid-America Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas — recently ordered a textbook from an independent retailer through the Amazon online storefront. The book was intended for a spring course on terrorism and is called “Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, Perspectives and Issues.”

When Stockton flipped through the textbook, she “discovered a bag of white powder had fallen to the ground.” According to WPTV, Stockton feared that the bag contained anthrax and took it to the local police department the next day:

“I told them white powder was in my terrorism textbook and so I put it on the table and they’re like, ‘oh, okay,’ And so he went back and tested it,” Stockton recalls. “ He comes back and says, ‘you didn’t happen to order some cocaine with your textbook, did you?’ And I was like, no!”

This is certainly not the best method of getting disillusioned kids back into reading.

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